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Part of our program is supported by the sale of new and used items, mostly boats, but sometimes other things. Please call us at 207-677-2614 or email us if you have interest in any of the items listed.

Used Boats

The Carpenter's Boat Shop - For Sale20′ E.M. White Canoe – Circa 1980: $3500
Canvas over cedar – lightly used – like new. Forest Green exterior; varnished interior
“Dagny” – 19′ Nordlands Boat: $5,000
DAGNY is a traditionally built, square rigged Nordlands Boat built in Rognan, Norway by master builder Kai Linde. The Nordlands Boat is the quintessential northern Norwegian wooden boat, having been built continuously for hundreds of years. They can be built in a variety of sizes with the same basic shape: lapstrake double-ended hull with high, plumb stems at the bow and stern with power provided by oars and square sail.

DAGNY was build using all traditional methods and materials by one of the few remaining Norwegian builders to specialize in the Nordlands Boat. DAGNY, her builder and the history/construction of Nordlands Boats are featured in Wooden Boat no. 171 (March/April 2003) pages 26 to 31.
“Cuttlefish” – 23′ Viking: $8,000
CUTTLEFISH (formerly “ELISE”) is a wonderful Yugoslavian built 23′ Viking which has been lovingly restored by master craftsman Peter Asche, including a rebuilt engine, new sails, many new planks, new structural members where necessary and a new interior. Cuttlefish comes with a brand new Sea Lion double axle galvanized trailer with surge brakes. This rare (possibly the only one surviving in the USA) and charming small cruiser will make fast friends in any harbor.

New Boats

For more information on the boats, please see the boats and furniture page.

13′ Doug Hylan Beach Pea Tender: $4,600
1/4″ sapele mahogany marine plywood. Glued lapstrake. Pine seats, inwales and floorboards. Laminated mahogany stem. Bronze fastened. White with blue sheer; painted gray interior; oiled seats
8′ Wee Pup Row Boat: $1,600
1/4″ sapele mahogany marine plywood; glued lapstrake; pine seats. Green Gray; Bristol Beige interior with oiled seats.
9’6″ Monhegan Skiff: $1,750
Cedar lapstrake over pine. Blue topsides; red bottom; oiled interior.
9’6″ Monhegan Skiff: $1,950
Cedar over pine; 3 plank lapstrake. Ivory topsides; blue bottom; oiled interior.
9′ Vermont Pond Skiff: $1,500
Cedar over pine; lapstrake. Blue exterior; beige interior.
12’9″ Catspaw Dinghy – sailing model: $7,000
Cedar over oak frames; cherry seats; pine floorboards. White with red sheer; gray interior; varnished seats and rails.
12’9″ Catspaw Dinghy – sailing model: $7,000
(Photos to come)
Cedar over oak frames; Hackmatack seats and floorboards. White with blue sheer; gray interior; varnished seats.
12’9″ Catspaw Dinghy – rowing model: $5,200
(Under Construction)
Cedar over oak frames; pine seats and floorboards. Green gray with ivory sheer; Grand Banks beige interior.
17 1/2′ Atkinson Traveler Canoe: $3,500
Cedar with canvas; caned seats. Green; varnished interior.
13′ American Beauty Canoe: $2,500
Cedar with canvas; caned seats. Blue with shellac bottom; varnished interior.